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by | Jan 13, 2020

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3 keys to a better work environment.

If you’re a business owner or self-employed then you’re probably thinking about your goals for the year and how to make this year your most successful yet. But what makes a company successful? Employees and environments. Most successful companies often have the most content employees. Employees who are content and happy in their workplace are more focused, motivated, productive and creative. Where you work has a huge impact on how you work – on your ability to stay focused on your work and your overall efficiency. This type of work environment sounds like a dream, but it’s definitely not something that happens by chance.  It is the result of carefully planned design elements. By considering  these 3 changes to your office design and styling this year you can create a more positive and productive work environment.


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Flexible work environments are becoming more common and providing employees with options and choice over how and where they work best – improves employee focus and success.  With this in mind the type of furniture selected in any office space is a crucial styling element to consider. Selecting ergonomic and adjustable office chairs and desks or workstations that are comfortable and support employee’s work habits are important. Some employees may prefer to have the option of an adjustable desk that enables them to sit or stand at different times in the day and can assist employees to remain focused for longer periods of time. Providing an inviting, relaxed and comfortable space for employees to take a break away from their desk will actually improve their ability to focus and work more productively when at their desk.

Colour is the second crucial element to consider in your office design because the colours around us can influence our mood and brain function – it can bring about a physical and emotional response. When deciding on colours for your workplace it is important to keep in mind the kind of work that will be done in that space and that colour can have a direct impact on productivity. Natural colours like green and blue can improve efficiency and focus while warmer colours can stimulate creative thinking. Incorporating colour doesn’t have to mean painting a wall – it can be as simple as selecting artworks or furniture pieces that contain specific colours for your office space. Infinity Commercial Furniture offers a seemingly endless array of options for customising the furniture, make sure you contact one of the team to find out more.


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Integrating nature in your office styling, through the use of indoor plants and natural materials such as timber accents or finishes, can have a positive impact on employee well being. Indoor plants and greenery can add colour and life to your office space and have a calming effect on employees.  There are so many options available for timber to be incorporated into the office and combined with modern shapes and elements it can create a refined and inviting office space.


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Lighting is one of the key elements to consider when designing an effective office space, whether that is a home office or larger commercial office. Good lighting enables employees to stay focused and feel inspired to create, yet unfortunately it’s one of the most overlooked. Knowing the right kind of lighting to introduce to a space can make all the difference. Natural light always looks better and improves mental health, energy levels and mood. In contrast, poor lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and irritability directly impacting focus and productivity. If you have a home office you can utilise the natural light coming from windows and doors. In larger commercial office spaces incorporating natural lighting can be more difficult and ways to combat this can be through task lighting such as desk lamps or down lights and background lighting. Using a mix of lighting adds both style and warmth to the office. If your office space needs updating and feels a little dim you could install more lighting through the use of modern statement pendants. You may also consider increasing the effects of lighting in your office space by incorporating mirrors.

Office spaces don’t need to be boring, in fact workplaces that have scenic views or display artwork or interesting photos have a positive affect on employee wellbeing.  Providing a place for employees to have a quick mental or visual break, away from a computer screen or written documents, allows their eyes to refocus and in turn reduces fatigue and eyestrain.  It can also increase creativity, imagination and inspire new ideas.

These office styling ideas will not only add to the aesthetics and functionality of your office design but should also positively impact employee well-being, motivation, focus and overall productivity and success.

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