DIVA 1.1

Discover a host of ingenious design elements with Diva 1.1, each cleverly concealed within the solid timber build and die cast aluminium features, such as smart ‘powered legs’ that seamlessly run wires up from the floor and hidden under-carriage to conceal power leads.

– 25mm Melamine Desk Top with Square Edge Detail
– American Ash Solid Timber Leg with Black or White Powder Coated Foot And Framework
– Height Adjustable Feet
– Sharknose Edge Profile also available
– Made in Australia

Diva 1.1 Bar Height
3400w x 1400d x 1050h
3400w x 1200d x 1050h
3000w x 1400d x 1050h
3000w x 1200d x 1050h
2400w x 1400d x 1050h
2400w x 1200d x 1050h
2100w x 1400d x 1050h
2100w x 1200d x 1050h
1800w x 1400d x 1050h
1800w x 1200d x 1050h

3400w x 1400d x 900h
3400w x 1200d x 900h
3000w x 1400d x 900h
3000w x 1200d x 900h
2400w x 1400d x 900h
2400w x 1200d x 900h
2100w x 1400d x 900h
2100w x 1200d x 900h
1800w x 1400d x 900h
1800w x 1200d x 900h

Diva 1.1 Bar Height Round
1500 diameter x 1050h
1350 diameter x 1050h
1500 diameter x 900h
1350 diameter x 900h

Diva 1.1 Bar Height Square
1400w x 1400d x 1050h
1200w x 1200d x 1050h
1000w x 1000w x 1050h
1400w x 1400d x 900h
1200w x 1200d x 900h
1000w x 1000w x 900h

4 Weeks

10 Years