The Advantages Of Plants In An Office Environment

by | Aug 24, 2020

Designing an office can be daunting as there are many things to consider. It’s not always about making it look modern and aesthetically pleasing, but also about improving your employees productivity. Having a great, purposeful office design is vital to maintaining your employee’s happiness, wellbeing and productivity. There are many benefits of having indoor plants in your office. In this blog, we explore the benefits they can bring to your space and your team:


Increasing Productivity

By adding plants to your office, you can improve an employee’s memory retention and psychological engagement. When you allow your staff to work in a place where they feel comfortable and engaged, their productivity is naturally increased. Plants are natural air filters, removing the carbon dioxide and releasing pure oxygen into the space, which in turn encourages employees to concentrate and remain mindful of the tasks they are completing.


Reduce Stress Levels

Due to the fast paced world we live in today, most jobs can be extremely demanding and stressful at times. Prioritising the mental health of your staff and creating a positive workplace will benefit your business in multiple ways. As employees become fatigued throughout the day, especially at the end of the week, taking time to tend to a desk plant and performing a task that is not related to their work, can decrease stress as their mind zones in on a mindful item to complete. The presence of indoor plants can also act as a natural stress remedy.


Improve Health and Wellbeing

As humans, we are naturally drawn to nature and plants impact our wellbeing. Plants also take in carbon dioxide, removing toxins and bacteria that may affect your employee’s health. Furniture, carpets and cleaning products can create poor indoor air quality, which can cause symptoms like headaches, dizziness, breathing problems and fatigue. Plants help to increase the oxygen and encourage a healthy environment.


Appealing & Engaging

Indoor plants bring different shades of fresh greens to your workplace. They not only look appealing to the eye, but also provide a feeling of calmness that encourages happiness and productivity.

Displaying these plants in a sleek way is just as important for the look and design of your office. Here at Infinity Commercial Furniture, we have beautifully designed storage options for your indoor plants.

Our Web Wall Storage room divider creates an intimate space and warm ambiance in open plan offices. It offers great storage space and shelving, as well as somewhere to plant your plants!

Our Planter Round stands are minimal and clean in design and will bring your office to life! This planter is available in three heights to create some depth in your office.

The Planter Rectangular offers a creative, minimal design that can be easily placed near workstations or desks to bring some life to the area.

The Planter is placed upon Tambour Door cupboards, offering your space ample storage and fits 3-6 plants.


Tambour storage planter box by infinity commercial furniture


Utilising indoor plants in your office will benefit both your business and staff in many ways. It will provide your office with a fresh, timeless look while helping your business thrive. What more could you want for your workspace? Contact our team today to discuss how these options can work for your office and your team’s morale!



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