Uniting Functionality with Style

by | Dec 8, 2020

Every company is unique and having an office environment that enhances the experience of employees, visitors and guests is a great way to create an office that is distinctly your own.

When you think of a company and its space, you subconsciously create the space you expect to see when you step into that company’s environment; the design of your office can intimately coincide with the identity and visual appeal of your company brand. Quality workplace designs have the ability to completely transform the office environment. It is also proven that design lead offices help decrease the stress of employees and provide a more productive atmosphere in which to work in.

The Space

Charter Hall had a bright open office space that we transformed into a beautifully functioning working environment. The large windows allowed us to use complimentary moody dark tones, which created a modern vibe to the classic aesthetics of the space.

In contrast, Pirelli loved the idea of color and merging their corporate colours into the design of their office. The addition of color really catches the eye and makes for a memorable office experience.

The Desks

Using The Motion workstation with Charter Hall’s design has allowed the office to be super functional and high tech with the inclusion of the motor powered height adjustable desks. To soften the harsh edges it was paired with the Blaze Conference (D End) that we manufacture specifically with the straight edge, allowing it to sit flush with the The Motion workstations, giving it a nice rounded edge which really showcases the unique infrastructure.


infinity commercial furniture charter hall desks Infinity Commercial Furniture


Pirelli’s desks and open floor plan is the definition of a collaborative work environment, while still allowing employees to own their separate workstations. The Energy offers clean, angled lines that work well with the sharp colors of the office. The centre recessed leg also offers a practical way to meet users’ power and data requirements. Making this modular system a practical and cost effective solution.

The Storage

The right storage solution can really make your office pop, with both style and functionality. Building the Melody Two Door Lockers into the partition with a Polytec Notaio Walnut Woodmatt finish really lets these storage lockers act discreetly, while adding a colour that compliments the rest of the space.

With Pirelli’s stand out color, adding a functional workstation end piece really made this space unique. Using the Planter we were able to add a touch of greenery, while customising the colors to not only incorporate the company yellow but combining it with black and various shades of grey, that really made the space unique in a delightful way.


infinity commercial furniture pirelli desks Infinity Commercial Furniture


Employee’s were also delighted with the 2 Step Locker that features a unique jigsaw style that, when added with Pirelli’s office colours, really stood out as a great office feature. Bringing colour, functionality and modern style all beautifully into one.

Every company is unique and with a design lead office plan, your business can transform the office space to compliment that uniqueness. With Infinity Commercial Furniture you know that you will receive superior quality with custom local manufacturing. With our extensively curated product selection that can be modified to suit any office space, we are the perfect visual storytellers of your next office upgrade.



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