What Does Your Desk Say About You?

Have you ever thought about what your co-workers think when they take a peek at your desk? Do they raise their eyebrows after looking at the half-filled coffee mugs, quickly-scribbled notes, and pile of file folders on your desk? How you use your office furniture plays a role in determining your level of productivity. Even if you work remotely, your workspace shows how you think. Some people do not care about organizing their work-tables, while others cannot think of beginning their work with an untidy desk. You can consider your workspace to be an extension of your mind, and no one understands your mind better than you do. Let us see what a desk says about its owner.

The ‘Less Is More’ Person

These people are minimalists who love to keep things simple. The top of their desks only hold items that they need immediately. The rest of their items are either in the drawers or in the bag. They cannot function well if they have too many things in front of them. Cluttered desks distract them from work, and the lack of space annoys them.

The Person Who Thrives In Chaos

These people have too many things on their desks because they want everything to be within their hands’ reach. You’ll see a slew of papers, cables, stationery, printouts, and meeting notes lying on their desk. Yet, somehow the disorder around them does not impede their work in any way. These people tend to be creative and enjoy working without rules. They do not pay any heed to conventions and instead focus on getting the results that they want.

The Tech Person

The tech person in your office always has multiple devices on their desks. They do not have a lot of stationary in front of them as they do most of their work on their laptops. They most likely do not even think about their desks while working. The tech person is also great at suggesting which applications and software to use to increase work-efficiency.

The Digital Wanderer

These are the people who work remotely. They can work from their private home office or a bustling coffee shop. When they are working, they forget where they are. These people have an independent spirit. While working, they prefer to use only those things that can easily fit into their backpacks and pockets.

An Office Desk Is A reflection Of Its Owner

If you wish to know your co-worker better, you should glance over at their desk. You can tell what they value the most by the things that they have on their tables. Some people like to decorate their spaces with small trifles and family photos, while some like to work on cluttered desks. An office desk forms an integral part of a person’s professional life. Visit https://icf.com.au/ to choose the workstation that suits your style of working the best.

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