Benefits of Standing Desks

by | Nov 6, 2020

Why An Adjustable Desk?

When organising an office space, there should be no easier decision to make than the type of desk to buy. With our Motion Height Adjustable, the question now becomes do we stay with traditional desks and their classic design or do we upgrade to a new modern way of working?


Adjustable desks have a functionality that should not be ignored. People come in all shapes and sizes, so it makes sense that their desks should be able to change for their most optimal position. Standard desk heights are 720mm high, but if you have a taller employee this means that their desk is too low. This brings up a variety of issues including slouching, which could potentially cause dangerous back postures, as well as uncomfortable leg and hip positions due to taller employees lowering their chair positions.

Ergonomically Friendly

Ergonomically friendly furniture is the way of the future. With more jobs being created that rely on being at a computer and desk all day, taking ergonomics into consideration is a must for the modern office space. By having their employees safety taken into consideration with an adjustable desks functional design, workplace injuries can be reduced. Without an ergonomically friendly office environment, employees are subjected to muscle strains and imbalances. They can also become prone to repetitive stress injuries that become common in a non-ergonomically friendly office.

High Tech

Nothing says high tech-corporate office much like an electric, adjustable desk. Optimal ergonomics can be achieved with the touch of a button and installed with collison avoid sensors. Adjusting a desk has never been so simple and fancy. Our Motion Desk has an elegant design that can provide a 160kg heavy duty lift capacity, while quietly adjusting at a speed of 30mm per second. With its three stage telescopic lifting column system, this allows the desk to have a vast movement range from 660mm to 1300mm. A perfect workstation for high functionality.


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Ability to Transform into Standing Desks

With the hype surrounding standing desks and the multitude of health benefits they bring to the office environment; having the option to turn an office into a super healthy place to work is going to tick a lot of people’s boxes. Making the switch to a standing desk has the ability to reduce multiple health risks for employees in all industry office environments.

Having adjustable desks installed in the workplace is the only option that allows you to have a classic and traditional desk while including all of the optional benefits of a high performing office space. Infinity Commercial Furniture is committed to offering the latest, most up to date furniture designs on the market and with our high powered desk ‘The Motion’ you can include a revolutionary, elegant and healthy design to any office space.



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