Introducing – The ROOM Phone Booth

by | Aug 12, 2020

The modern workspace is open and crowded. The concept of knocking down walls and bringing teams closer together in hope to inspire creativity, is in reality creating significant psychological, social and productivity costs. Fear not, we have the perfect solution for you.

The ROOM Phone Booth is a soundproof space that is affordable and will optimise your office space to create a happy, healthy and more productive workforce. This space means that you don’t have to fight over conference space or quiet spaces anymore.

The ROOM Phone Booth is soundproof and engineered by acoustic experts so that your private conversation remains private. The Booth is ventilated with discreet fans and a ventilation system that will keep you cool, even as your conversation can get heated. With a flexible design, the ROOM Phone Booth has an adaptive design that makes it easier for you to assemble and move around the office. The Booth is made sustainably, with the soundproofing made from recycled plastic bottles.


white phone booth for office spaces Infinity Commercial Furniture


99% of workers say office noise does impact their concentration with an interesting 44% percent saying their company does nothing to address this problem of noise. With open space in the office, noise travels broadly and quickly with no walls to block the sound. Studies have also shown that a noisy office increases stress and distractions. To eliminate this, the Phone Booth tunes out noise and cancels out distractions to therefore create a fluent work space.

An open floor plan eliminates privacy and with lack of privacy, it can interfere with productivity and job satisfaction. 50% of workers said they would second-guess a job offer at a noisy office. The ROOM Phone Booth creates a space of privacy that leads to increased productivity. The open floor plan can often have poor acoustics that can compromise creativity and the Phone Booth establishes a personal space to make it easy for you to be creative and stay focused throughout the work day.


open office acoustic solution room booth Infinity Commercial Furniture


The ROOM Phone Booth determines a strong solution for a pain point that many companies have, as the Booth capitalises on prime space in the open floor of the office. With an innovative and flexible design, the Phone Booth can easily accommodate the office’s needs without changing the dynamics of the workflow.

For more information on the ROOM Phone Booth, feel free to contact our team via phone at 1300 033 757 or via email [email protected]



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