Display your books and folders with our Melody Open Bookcase. Our Melody range of melamine storage is locally manufactured to our clients’ requirements. A thorough range is available and can be customised in colour finish, size and hardware.

– 18mm Construction
– Adjustable Shelves
– Adjustable Feet
– Made in Australia

900w x 2400h x 320d
900w x 2100h x 320d
900w x 1800h x 320d
900w x 1500h x 320d
900w x 1200h x 320d
900w x 900h x 320d
900w x 720h x 320d
900w x 2400h x 450d
900w x 2100h x 450d
900w x 1800h x 450d
900w x 1500h x 450d
900w x 1200h x 450d
900w x 900h x 450d
900w x 720h x 450d

4 Weeks

5 Years