Saturday Indesign: polytec’s Marylou Cafaro Presenting at ICF’s Waterloo Showroom

by | May 12, 2022

Leading trend forecaster, interior designer and building industry authority, Marylou Cafaro, will be presenting ‘polytec Trendjournal: a Snapshot of Joinery Trends in Australia’ at Saturday Indesign on 21 May.

Saturday Indesign is a one-day exhibition held in Sydney that connects the best mix of local and international product from leading brands with the architecture and design industry. Infinity Commercial Furniture is hosting from their Waterloo showroom, along with leading brands polytec and Laine, to bring an informative and fun experience for attendees.

As Lead Designer of polytec’s Product Development Team, Marylou has been instrumental in the design and development of unique colours and finishes, ensuring the market is utilising materials which are robust, timeless and sophisticated. Marylou is committed to enhancing decorative surfaces for the Australian lifestyle, highlighting the importance of longevity with quality and style that creates a new journey towards sustainable design.

“I’m continuously dealing with product and spaces that have longevity, which ultimately helps with environmental sustainability,” said Marylou. “The Trendjournal looks at the surface, pattern and colour trends. More importantly we look at how joinery is made, because in Australian commercial and residential market, it is more purpose built for the space.”

Marylou Cafaro has more than 35 years’ experience consulting to innovative Australian manufacturers, suppliers, builders and retailers. She specialises in colour and product design through the analysis and interpretation of key market trends and consumer preferences. Marylou is also a TV presenter and judge on Australia by Design.

“Australians have a great level of detailing and sophisticated colour palettes,” said Marylou. “That is why at polytec, we develop our own product and patterns. Because what is popular elsewhere in the world is not necessarily popular here in Australia.

“I’d love for people to come away from the polytec Trendjournal presentation feeling inspired and confident that what we do in Australia is world class. It is not cut and pasted from overseas, we have own style.”

For more information call the ICF team on 1300 033 757 or email [email protected].

Polytec Trendjournal: a Snapshot of Joinery Trends in Australia by Marylou Cafaro
11am – 12pm


Saturday Indesign

Date: Saturday 21 May 2022
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: 175 Botany Road, Waterloo, NSW



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